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Mike Duffy has been working in the moving and lifting game for 20 years including full factory installations in 2002 – 2005 all over the world including Czech Republic, Philipines, Germany & Ireland. Mike has also worked in installation and transportation of wind turbines for 6 years, was head of operations in England and Scotland, heavly involved in the cranes and abnormal loads, lifting and moving is his thing.

Mike has 5 years experience with KMS testing and certifying machinery have worked for some of the biggest construction companies in Ireland regularly, he’s also tested for some of the biggest factories in the country. He’s extensive knowledge in machinery and the operations of machinery.

Mike is a licenced 360 operator, teleporter, MEWPs, truck mounted cranes, forklifts, boomlifts, banksman, rigger, truck, artic, harness and restafall, testing thousands of pieces of equipment in factories in the past 5 years, also construction and marine, boats etc. He’s well known in his field.

Duffy Mechanical Services have a range of in-house machinery and equipment, we do small truck mounted cranes for small lifts in tight areas from 3500kgs to 25000kgs, we have our own extendable low loader trailers and flat trailer and a range of curtainsiders.

We have a variety of battery forklifts 2 tonne 3.5 tonne and 3 tonne gas we also have a 6 tonne diesel forklift and a 12 tonne, all with long forks. Also a wide range of jacking and skating equipment from 1 tonne to 60 tonne. Long pallet trucks. Cranes, trailers, forklift & trucks.

We do in-house customer storage short and long term with forklifts on site for quick and easy loading and on loading.

Our vans are equipted with all our lifting gear and skates.