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Plant, vehicle & machinery inspection services & GA1 testing/certification include:

    • Lighting equipment.
    • Chains, shackles, winches, wire ropes, slings, lift attachments, lashing chains etc.
    • Plant machinery & quarry machinery.
    • Forklifts, teleporters, excavators, dumpers, dozers & backhoes.
    • Loaders, tractor front loaders & block grabs.
    • MEWPs, boomlifts, harness, truck mounted cranes.
    • Chainblocks, overhead gantry cranes, swing arms etc.
    • Marine cranes and items.
    • Lift shaft beams.
    • We also load cell test machines and overhead cranes.

We use a full color code tagging system for all our 6 months items.

We can do inspections on shutdown, work holidays, weekends etc so there won’t be any downtime for the customer.

We do good discounted rates for multi machines.